How It Works

Thanks for your interest in Jan’s Customized Joke Writing Service.

Below are the ground rules. This is all on the honor system . . yeah, some of us still believe in that! Basically, you give me information, and…

  • I work best off scripts, emailed info and websites. . .If you want me to read books or watch lengthy dvd’s, there will be an upfront fee in addition to the per-joke fee, because this takes more time.
  • I’ll give you as much as I can give you. . .you are under no obligation to buy any of it (unless there is an upfront cost as I just mentioned above). You tell me the jokes you want, and I’ll send you an invoice, due upon receipt – no 30-day grace period.
  • You tell me what you want to buy BEFORE YOU USE IT. . .if I think it’s funny and you think it’s funny, then it’s probably funny. . . ya can’t test drive it in front of the accountants and tell me they didn’t laugh (hey, accountants can be tough. .. though I’ve gotten them in stiches, so it’s do-able!!!)
  • I decide what’s a joke and what’s a tag line. Jokes are my specialty, but I can also do Top 10 lists, limericks, poems, etc. . . just ask and we might be able to figure something out – I’ll work with you on whatever funny thing you want to try. There’s no obligation to buy, but prices will be different for this stuff.
  • If you take a joke and re-work the wording a bit, you still need to pay for it. . . hey, it’s close enough.
  • It may take a bit for me to figure out your “style,” so you’ll probably get some stuff that may not be right for you. I’m shooting in the dark when we begin – and of course direction is always welcome.

That’s it! I look forward to working with you.

Jan can be reached at 1-800-492-9394, email: or visit to get started today!